Kate Middleton in ankle scandal

ankleRevealing photographs of Kate Middleton with her ankles showing have been published in a German magazine. The pictures of the queen-to-be were snapped whilst the royal couple were holidaying on the island of Lesbos.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 32, was relaxing with Wills, 31, on a private beach when she hiked up her skirt and petticoat for a cooling paddle in the ocean. Unbeknownst to her, hordes of paparazzi were on standby with long lens cameras, hoping to catch a glimpse of her talocrural region.

The photographs were initially offered to British publications, however none accepted, fearing such raunchy pictures would shock the public. Despite this, Kate’s lower leg bumps are now all over the internet. Some people have voiced concerns that Kate’s ankles are too small, suggesting that she may be suffering from an eating disorder, whilst others believe that Kate’s swollen ankles are indicative of a second royal pregnancy.

Forums have been abuzz with comments on the Princess’s foot joints. Barry from Burgess Hill has said, “While Kate’s ankles are alright, they ain’t half as good as Pippa’s. Pippa’s ankles would even look good in flip flops”.

A representative from the clothing firm MySocks has commented, “Kate has lovely ankles but to avoid future scandal we’d happily send her a free pair from our new lockable socks, designed to prevent embarrassing slips.”

Clarence House is yet to comment.


One thought on “Kate Middleton in ankle scandal

  1. Sausage eating paparazzi bastards. I fought and died in TWO World Wars to stop this kind of thing. bring back hanging and or national service, that’s what I say! The government should step in and block all the interweb sites featuring Her Ladyships exposed areas. What sort of message does this send to the children? Why does no one think of the children? Shame and disgrace!

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