X-Men director Bryan Singer denies mutant claims

bryan-singerHollywood director Bryan Singer has spoken out against accusations that he is a mutant at a press event for the upcoming film X-Man: Days of Future Past.

Singer branded the claims “outrageous, vicious and false.” His comments came after members of the film crew released a joint statement accusing the director of having mutant powers.

There has been an increase in anti-mutant sentiment following the events surrounding doomed flight MH370.

During the press event, Singer told an audience: “I do not want these fictitious claims to divert attention from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Whilst the timing is unfortunate given what we now know about flight MH370, this film performs an important role in documenting the mutant wars. The claims made by member of the film crew are outrageous, vicious and false.

“Why they have made these claims, I do not know, though talk with other more supportive members of the film crew have lead me to believe that it has to do with my unique style of special effects (SFX), which are done live during filming without any obvious involvement from an SFX team. I’ve spent years developing this method of SFX to ensure that actors are not detracted from the realism of the scene.”

David Manface, one of the crew members who released the joint statement accusing Singer, told News Wut: “We literally saw him levitate a truck in the air and then throw it across the set during one scene. There were no ropes, wires, green screens or anything; Just Bryan holding out his hands and looking all mutant-like.”


Charlie Xander, Professor of Mutantology at Harvard University, told News Wut: “What we have here is a classic case of mutant discrimination, and whether or not Bryan does indeed have the X-Gene is irrelevant to the fantastic work he has produced with this film. We need to begin fostering mutant-human relations, and I will be speaking with Bryan personally to ask for his help in addressing this issue.”

Reports indicate that Singer has consulted with lawyers regarding the claims.


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