Schoolboy, 15, accused of stabbing teacher was part of ancient cult

godhatesfagsThe 15-year-old schoolboy who stabbed to death his teacher was part of an ancient cult who worshipped the dead, classmates said today.

The teenager, arrested yesterday after the death of Ann Maguire, 61, has been described as a ‘Christian’, a member of the ancient cult of Christianity which has its origins in mass genocide, zombie-ism and the belief that all of humanity is tarnished with inherent sin.

Classmates said today that the middle-class teenager, who would sing Christian hymns every morning during a ritual known as ‘mass’, felt he was an ‘outcast’ and would isolate himself in his local cult headquarters, Corpus Christi Catholic School.

During these ‘mass’ rituals, cult members would drink the blood and eat the flesh of their zombie master.

The cult's zombie figurehead; Jesus Christ.

The cult’s zombie figurehead; Jesus Christ.

Classmates at Corpus Christi Catholic School described the alleged killer as a devout Christian who has seemed increasingly troubled in recent months.

“He was apparently suicidal and has tried to kill himself several times,” a former pupil said. “His cult believed that another world existed after death that was much better than this one.”

Another ex-pupil said the 15-year-old went into school carrying a bible and that he was a ‘catholic’ who drew crosses on the floor, claiming to worship a zombie.

On his Facebook page he had posted a picture of himself with long hair, similar to that of the cult’s main figurehead, Jesus Christ.

Christians believe that the universe was bought into being by an omnipotent deity who created humanity, constructed a wide-ranging rule-set with the punishment for breaking many of these rules being death, and subsequently committed mass genocides of the human race. Slavery, capital punishment, homophobia and rape are also widely encouraged.

Following the mass genocide of humanity by the Christian deity, known to its followers as God or Yahweh, it disguised itself as its son, Jesus Christ, descended to earth to spread the doctrine of inherent sin; the belief that all humans are born sinful and the only chance of redemption is through membership of the Christian cult.

There are also reports that the schoolboy was previously bullied, and suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts, although it is thought that these reasons have not previously been linked with violent outbursts.


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