North Korea finds missing flight MH370

Kim-Jong-UnThe international search operation for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has been called off after it emerged last night that Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, had discovered its final location.

In a statement issued on state media, North Korean officials say that Kim Jong-un was relaxing between his leadership duties when he casually calculated the Boeing 777’s position using only a map and counting on his fingers.

“Our leader was moved by the plight of the relatives of flight MH370.”, said officials, “In his benevolence, he found the plane by tracing its path and using his vast knowledge to determine how weather and ocean currents moved it to where it is now”.

After salvaging the remains of the aircraft, search teams from other countries, including the US, Australia, and India, are due to return home within the next few days.

Several heads of state have welcomed the act of altruism, with many of them admitting that this could potentially improve diplomatic relations with the usually secretive nation.

This is the latest in a series of extraordinary feats performed by the country’s leader, who last month claimed to have coloured the moon red as a patriotic display.


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