US to Boycott Eurovision as Russia Sanctions Deepen

news-graphics-2007-_646040aThe US is to withdraw its Eurovision entry ahead of the competition in Copenhagen during May.

Sources close to the White House confirmed that the American entry, a Country and Western anthem extolling the benefits of capitalism and the free market, would be withdrawn if the situation in Crimea was not resolved soon.

In a speech on Monday, President Obama reiterated his commitment to aiding the people of Ukraine, adding that “voting for the weirdest entry” and “not choosing France’ were the rights of a truly democratic nation.

Although US citizens will be prevented from casting votes, other less musically-informed nations will be able to vote as normal.

The entry came as a surprise to some, due to the comparatively large geographical distance involved, but contest officials denied rumours that the entrants list had been tampered with, pointing out that all entries had been made by computers that appeared to be located in Europe.

Early polls show that despite the US renouncement of the contest, some countries, such as Azerbaijan and Belarus, will most likely vote Russia as their preferred entry.

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said that this lack of political voting is the “very essence” of what Eurovision stands for.

The entry for Britain, Molly Smitten-Downes, admitted relief after hearing the news, “At least we won’t be patronisingly voted into tenth place by someone we consider a close ally.”


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