NSA Releases Music Recommendation App

The National Security Agency has unveiled its brand new music recommendation software for smartphones.

App Screenshot

It knows where you are.

The agency, well known for its secretive nature, has finally revealed the reason behind its massive surveillance operation, claiming to have created the World’s most comprehensive and personalised music suggestion service.  Due to the huge volume of information collected and stored in a data centre in Utah, the app’s developers say that it can create playlists that cater to the tastes of nearly every user and even predict upcoming chart trends.

A spokesperson for the agency told Newswut, “We know what your friends and family are listening to, what radio stations you have on in your car, and the awful nineties pop you belt out in the shower, so it was the next logical step”.  She added that by having the app constantly recording in the background, the suggestions would ‘reach near omniscience’.

Originally opposed to the methods and scale of the NSA’s operation, privacy groups were last night celebrating the launch.  A representative of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said, “What initially seemed like the acts of a sinister and overbearing organisation, actually turned out to be a strikingly impressive and beneficial service”.

‘It’s freaky’

Terri Reest, a social media consultant, said, “It always picks the best stuff, it’s freaky.  It’s like your friend is there and they’re telling you to listen to this song they heard.  It’s great at parties.”

Following on from the success of its first foray into the app market, the NSA is said to be working on ‘Honeytrap’, their competitor to popular film sharing application, Popcorn Time.


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