Operation Yewtree to move to lottery-based system

Jimmy SavileOperation Yewtree, the police investigation into historical sexual abuse accusations, is to move to a lottery-based system.

The new system, which will include all male television and radio presenters active between 1960 and 1990, will see a past celebrity selected at random by machine every Wednesday and Saturday to face prosecution for historical sexual abuse crimes.

An hour-long show, to be broadcast on the BBC in-front of a live audience of apologetic BBC executives and members of the public, will feature the draw followed by interviews with the defendant and shocked family members.

The Crown Prosecution Service has introduced the new system to reduce the costs associated with bringing cases to trial and to increase entertainment value for audiences.

The news comes following a string of high-profile verdicts, namely Max Clifford’s recent guilty verdict and Coronation Street star Bill Roache and MP Nigel Evans being cleared of a string of sexual abuse claims.

Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions at the CPS, told News Wut: “With the current strike rate of defendants being convicted, we decided that a wholly random system with an added benefit of public entertainment value would give the best value to taxpayers.”

The show, to be hosted by Dale Winton, will also feature a quiz where members of the public will be able to compete to be a juror on the trial. The BBC are yet to confirm whether Dale Winton’s name will be included in the draw.


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