Pfeiffer in AstraZeneca bid

Michelle-Pfeiffer-michelle-pfeiffer-31140692-1024-768US actress Michelle Pfeiffer has approached British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca over a multi-billion pound takeover bid.

Representatives for the actress, best known for her roles in Batman Returns, Dangerous Minds and Stardust, have confirmed that Pfeiffer has offered £50 a share, valuing the UK-based drug maker at £63bn.

Pfeiffer is said to be branching out into other areas of business because of reduced work opportunities due to her age.

The move has raised concerns after a previous takeover of a British company by a foreign entertainment act, namely German electro band Kraftwerk’s acquisition of Cadbury’s in 2010, meant the closure of a factory and the loss of 4000 jobs.

Pfeiffer has promised to protect British science jobs as part of the acquisition, telling News Wut: “Following my Best Supporting Actress BAFTA for my role in Dangerous Liaisons, I’ve had an affinity for Britain and the British people. Any deal with ensure that British jobs are protected.”

Sir David Barnes was chief executive of AstraZeneca until 2000 and deputy chairman until 2002. He said her aging was “one of the key drivers” behind Pfeiffer’s offer for AstraZeneca, rather than a long-term commitment to research and development.

“That is a very narrow basis on which to base such a massive task,” Sir David told News Wut. “The risk is that the past history of Pfeiffer has shown that she tends to extract destructive synergies. I have a great concern that she is investing in pharmaceuticals in an attempt to halt her ageing, much like her character Lamia in Stardust, who wanted to eat the heart of a fallen star to recover her youth.”


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